Space-based Design

Simpliwork’s bespoke office solutions are designed to service varied but specific client requirements.

Enterprise Offices

Ideal for companies looking to seat anywhere from 100-10,000 employees or more. These offices are designed to strongly reflect the company’s ethos in terms of placemaking, ambience and technical specifications. The office is governed by well-defined protocols that encompass safety, employee security, compliance, IT security and data management, along with associated services & amenities delivered within the facility.

Private Offices

A ready-to-move-in office works best for less than 100 employees on a medium or long term lease. These state-of-the-art spaces offer modern amenities with optimised natural lighting and sound management and are available in a range of sizes. Private offices are a great option for evolving businesses in a growing market to start operations and set the course for future growth, especially in an unpredictable time.